PG tube Pyrolytic Graphite tube


PG tube Pyrolytic Graphite tube

short description:

Pyrolytic Graphite(PG) tube is high temperature resistance, low out-gassing,  No wetting and reaction with melt metal, and good thermal conductiives, are widely applied in  many field elemental analysis, Metal Melting, material evaporation etc.

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Product Description

Pyrolytic graphite is used in the throat lining of rocket nozzles, antimagnetic spheres for satellite attitude control, electronic tube gates, crucibles for smelting high-purity metals, brushes for voltage regulators, discharge chambers of lasers, insulation materials for high-temperature furnaces and epitaxial wafers for semiconductor production.

Product Features

Non-toxic and tasteless;
Ultra-high purity(99 .99%)
Good stability, High operating temperature
Good thermal conductivity, small thermal expansion coeffi-
cient, good thermal shock resistance
Good chemical stability, resistant to acids, alkalis, salts and organ-
ic solvents, and does not infiltrate or react with molten metal
Very low outgassing rate
No pores, good air tightness, easy machining

Product Application

• OLED Evaporation point source crucible;
• Electron beam melting Crucible;
• Ion beam implantation component;
• Plasma etching components;
• Sputtering target;
• Rocket nozzle throat lining;
• Atomic absorption tube;
• PG heater.

Parameter of PG

Main Parameters Numerical Units Direction
Density 2.15-2.22 g/cm3 -
Electrical resistivity 2×10-4 Ω·cm ab
0.6 Ω·cm c
Thermal conductivity 382 W/m°C ab
2.8 W/m°C c
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20°C) 0.5 μm/m-℃ ab
Sublimation temperature 3650 -
Tensile strength 80 MPa ab
Bending strength 130 MPa ab
116 MPa c
Compressive strength 80 MPa ab
Yang-style modulus quan 20 GPa ab

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