Boron Nitride Crucible BN Crucible


Boron Nitride Crucible BN Crucible

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Boron Nitride, also known as BN, Hexagonal Boron Nitride (H-BN), and hot-pressed Boron Nitride, is an excellent self-lubricate ceramic that can withstand high temperatures and maintain its lubricating capability in a high vacuum environment. AEM's Boron Nitride crucibles are made from hot-pressed boron nitride blank. Hexagonal Boron Nitride (H-BN) behaves similarly with graphite mechanically but offers excellent electrical resistance.,and also can be produced as BN final products directly like crucible, boat, coating, etc.

Main Features

Boron nitride has good electrical insulation, thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and no obvious melting point. The maximum use temperature in 0.1MPA nitrogen can reach 3000 °C, in a neutral reducing atmosphere, it can withstand heat to 2000 °C, and the use temperature in nitrogen and argon can reach 2800 °C, and the stability in oxygen atmosphere is poor, and the use temperature is below 1000 °C. The expansion coefficient of hexagonal boron nitride is equivalent to that of quartz, but the thermal conductivity is ten times that of quartz.

In addition, hexagonal boron nitride does not dissolve in cold water, and when the water is boiled, the hydrolysis is very slow and produces a small amount of boric acid and ammonia. It does not react with weak acid and strong base at room temperature, slightly soluble in hot acid, and needs to be treated with molten sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide to decompose.

Compound Formula




Molecular Weight


Melting Point

2973 °C


2.1 g/cm3 (h-BN); 3.45 g/cm3 (c-BN)

Solubility in H2O


Mohs Hardness


Flexural Strength

35 Mpa

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

2.0 x 10-6/K

Thermal Conductivity at 20℃

40 W/mk

Maximum Working Temperature







Refractive Index

1.8 (h-BN); 2.5 (c-BN)

Electrical Resistivity

13 to 15 10x Ω-m


25ml, 55ml, 75ml, 100ml, 1000ml, and customized

Product Application

Boron nitride is a kind of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high thermal conductivity, high insulation and excellent lubrication performance of the material, the current situation to simplify the process, reduce production costs, improve the service life of components is the current more active research direction of such materials.

(1) Using the excellent chemical stability of hexagonal boron nitride, it can be used as crucibles, boats, liquid metal delivery pipes, rocket nozzles, high-power device bases, molten metal pipelines, pump parts, steel casting molds, etc. for melting evaporated metals.

(2) Using the heat and corrosion resistance of hexagonal boron nitride, high-temperature components, rocket combustion chamber linings, spacecraft heat shields, magnetocurrent generators, etc. can be manufactured.

(3) Using the insulation of hexagonal boron nitride, it is widely used in high-voltage high-frequency electric and plasma arc insulators and insulators of various heaters, heating tube bushings and high-temperature, high-frequency, high-voltage insulation and heat dissipation parts, and high-frequency application of electric furnace materials.

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